Simple Endurance Training For Tennis

Simple Endurance Training for Tennis

Simple Endurance Training for Tennis

Simple Endurance Training for Tennis is an easy six-week long training plan for building your endurance and fitness for tennis. This mini-course is specifically designed for tennis players who are new to (and may have avoided) any type of exercise outside of playing tennis.

Simple Endurance Training for Tennis will give you ample instruction and information to help you on your journey to improve your tennis play and become a better, tougher, more confident and happier tennis player.


The Simple Endurance Training for Tennis mini-course is not for everyone.  If you’re already in great physical shape, if you’re happy with your level of tennis fitness, if you have no problem lasting through long matches, if you easily run down lobs and are fine with playing in the heat, then you may not be interested in this course.

But if you want to change any of those things, if you’d like to have more on-court energy, if you know that building up your fitness will help you become a better tennis player, or if you’d just like a simple fitness plan that will help you actually enjoy working out, then this course was designed for you.


Here’s exactly what the Simple Endurance Training for Tennis mini-course looks like:

Once you sign up for the course, you get instant access to the complete course.  This includes:Unit 1 which includes:

  • A quick Welcome and Getting Started video lesson
  • The Quick Start Guide, an ebook that lays out the entire training plan and includes instructions and a training calendar
  • Lessons to get you quickly and safely up to speed on Tennis Endurance and Safety Precautions to keep you injury-free
  • A lesson on exactly what Equipment you need to succeed (hint – it’s not much)
  • Complete instructions on How to Use an Interval Timer (a free one that you can get for your smart phone)
  • A lesson on Cross-Training and how it can help your tennis play
  • A lesson and tips on Hydration for tennis players and endurance athletes

While your complete training plan, including your weekly training intervals, is completely laid out in the Quick Start Guide ebook, to make sure your training is simple (and fun!) you’ll also get:

  • Six Weekly Motivation and Training Tips video lessons – one for each week of the course
  • Six Weekly Training Calendars and Intervals making it easy to see what you’re doing each week and with bonus tips for success
  • A video lesson, with lots of suggestions, on What To Do Next when you complete the course

That means you get:

  • 19 Lessons
  • the Quick Start Guide ebook
  • 6 weeks of Training Calendars
  • and 8 Training Videos

Once you purchase Simple Endurance Training for Tennis, you get instant and complete access to ALL of the above.  You can work your way through the lessons at your own pace – read them all at once or go through them one or two at a time.  At the beginning of each week, you only need to be sure and watch your one quick video lesson to prepare you for that week’s training.

Don’t worry about signing up and then life getting in the way. You’ll have access to this course for as long as I have this website! (That means you have plenty of time!)

Ready to start your Simple Endurance Training for Tennis?  Just click on the Buy Now button below.  See you inside the course!


Simple Endurance Training For Tennis